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Here we post the reviews of people, who have already visited us and sent us their opinions. Thank you!

I was very shocked as I walked in the building today. For those of you that saw this building before as an Arena. How many people have seen this before as an Arena? So, would you agree with me it's a little bit different than it used to be? This building is interesting. Now, we've created and recreated and captured history with sand, but there is so much hockey history and some of the grades from the great players of NHL who played in this building.
And now we are capturing history that happened 200 years ago. And of course, we were at war to the Americans 200 years ago. And of course, the bloodiest battle that ever fought on Canadian soil happened here, in Niagara Falls. But we do not celebrate and talk about war so much as we talk about 200 years of peace and 200 years of the world's largest unmilitarized border, for that we are very proud. And to V2 Niagara we say "What an incredible job, what an incredible transformation that you've been able to do here in a traditional landmark, in the city of Niagara Falls".
I welcome those from senior staff from the city of Niagara Falls as well as permanent residents who came here today. Welcome the Chair of Niagara Parks Commission Janice Thomson as well, of course, our beloved MPP Kim Craitor. When I look around and I see this, I don't know if I'm the only one, but does anyone have this terrible temptation to touch them? My only suggestion is have a little tiny sand box that people like me could touch because you know, everyone wants to know what holds it together, is it really sand and how hard it is. I have to say this is an additional for people who come to Niagara Falls. Pople always ask us "What should we do, what is there to see, what can I bring my family and my children to?" This is beautiful because it's artistic, it's cultural, it's historic and it is a one more element, as I like to say "In the buffet of entertainment that we offer in Niagara Falls". I'd like to say this. So, I say it again "Meat for the carnivorous, vegetable for vegetarians and everything in between". This is one more quality offering on the buffet of entertainment that we can offer to 12 million tourists that come to Niagara Falls every year.
So, on behalf of City Council and the City of Niagara Falls, I'd like to present to you a certificate. The city loves you. Congratulations! It took some time, but everything worth doing is worth doing right. We want to say: "Welcome to the city of Niagara Falls, we're proud to partner with our good friends from Russia!" Thank you very much