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Here we post the reviews of people, who have already visited us and sent us their opinions. Thank you!

It is really great to be here. I do remember when I was first approached about 2 years ago. People came into my office and said: "We are thinking of keeping the Niagara Falls Arena, we're thinking of putting in it a sand sculpture". I have tell you what came to my mind: "that's a sand sculpture, that's a beach, sand...". They talked about doing something in respect to 1812. It was a good presentation, it made sense. A good idea, you've got to try to help.
Then, I can remember them coming back and saying "We actually need to bring in some people that have special skills from the outside of the country, and would you sign the letters of support?" I know the Mayor did the same thing. This exhibition just shows me the skill that's involved in putting this sculptures together. There is nothing that you don't look at and you don't see. The little leaves, the way their eyes look, the words and letters - you can see them. It's hard to believe that someone has that kind of ability to reproduce the history of Canada in such details.
This is the most historic sculpture I've ever seen. I've seen so many things that recreate the War of 1812, and this country could have become a part of the U.S., and it didn't. Thanks to our aboriginal community, our Natives who were there, at the front line of the war. Here we see many significant people of that war like politicians and military people, of course. It's just amazing for me to see it. I have to tell everyone in Parliament, across Ontario and across Canada: "You've got to come and see it!" This is something I can talk about, but if you actually walk in room and see it, and then realize how significant it is, again it's our history.
Congratulations because you could have done the history of Canada and the War of 1812 in any other better way, this is pretty special. I am really pleased that Janice Thomson, the Chair of Niagara Parks is here because many of the battles of this War of 1812 happened along the Niagara Parkway, Fort George, Fort Erie, like the battle of Chippawa or the battle of Lundy's Lane. You get the certificate from Mayor, but mine is a little bit different - it has a picture of one of your sculptures. We want to say Thank You in our own way for believing in Ontario, for believing in Niagara Falls and for believing in this country!