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Healing music

"To all those beings that gave their life and energy to The War Of 1812; this CD has been birthed in honour of all of you."

Mark Chindemi in collaboration with V2 Niagara Inc created the CD with fusion of sounds for Sand Sculptures Exhibition to show how important the actions and the result of that significant War were.

"The music tells a story of two existences coming together in a time of change and opportunity, while warriors from both sides sacrifice themselves for the desires of others. Allow the loving sounds of nature to guide you on this musical journey as you experience sounds of the land that was. May the flute be ypur guide into a way of lie that was and always will be dedicated to our Mother Earth; an existence that allows us to BE in a realm of oneness and love within the universe. The concept of adaptation, trust, and honour are weaved in the tapestry of this experience; we walk together as one, yet are never to interfere in another's path or way of life. Music is the language we all speak, a thread that connects us to each other and all that is. It is the music that tells us stories, heals us in times of need, and most of all centers our core being. Enjoy the array of indigenous instruments that gather good minds and loving intentions. It is to our indigenous peoples and ancestors that I express my gratitude, thank you for your earthly teachings and connected music that remind us we are ALL keepers of this land, chi miigwetch, nia:weh gowa, thanks for all of this."

Mark Chindemi